sábado, 2 de julho de 2011

I danced

So,today we had "Festa Junina" in my school,and the students from Secondary school could dance to get a grade in physical education,because this year there were no option like last year(you could choose between a written homework about all world cups or dance,and last year I chosen the homework).The teacher invited me to dance with her so I accepted(last year she danced with her son,that died a moth or two after the dance).It was very quick and even kinda fun(except for my nausea before starting because Im very very shy).
 The Portuguese teacher told my class that in another school she works the boys dressed up as girls and the girls as boys,and I was hoping for it to happen in my school,so I could cross dress(I never actually did it,I think I already wrote about it in a post)and maybe it would not be too weird because everybody would do the same.Some days before the dance that I would not need to dance because there were no place for a new couple in the lines(4 in total).But then she said that I would have to dance,but not with her.At the end I danced with a girl from my class.
If yoy guys want to have a idea of what the dance was like(maybe) search "quadrilha junina" in youtube.

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