domingo, 10 de julho de 2011

What I want to say when I get a therapist

When I get a gender therapist(after coming out,of course),there are somethings that I want to make clear(of course,not in a rude way^^):
  • I know that I'm transsexual,I have no doubts about it;
  • I have depression that it comes from my feelings of my body;
  • I want to start HRT as soon as possible to avoid new effects of puberty;
  • I feel attracted to boys,and my attraction to girl are some kind of "admiration" or a wish of being like them;
There are also some topics that I want to discuss:
  • My views on my body since a little kid;
  • Depression and Male Puberty
  • Relationship with other people;
  • Family;
  • Constant imagine myself in a female version of me(either looking like my aunt-mom's sister-or looking like how I would look if I had female puberty instead of male),like existing girls around my age or creating girls in my mind that I could be or even boys that would start transitioning,but more androgynous looking);
  • Female characters in tv/movies/video games(always play as a women if I can,usually identify with females in movies or tv shows).
This is what I have for now.I wish that I wrote it because I was going to have a therapy session tomorrow or something,I want it so bad.But now like I said before,its 2 weeks of vacation that can be very awkward if I come out.
ps:It is wrong to write "transexual" in english?

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