quarta-feira, 6 de julho de 2011


I've always been a good student,since I was 5 years old(when I started going to school).Obedient,quiet,sweet to teachers and other studens.Making friends was always kinda har because I'm shy,but it only get worse when I got in a new school(last year and still on it).Is bigger then the others schools I've studied,and maybe because at 14 I could see more effects from puberty then before,I have no confidence and hate my appearance,so I feel retarded when people talk to me because I know they are looking a guy,so I have a huge problem on looking at people's eyes.Before this new school I had one best friend(beside my brother) and some good friends,but the best friend was the only that I really chatted all day or go to each others house(I already went to other 2 guys house,they are nice but I dont talk much to them).Now this"best friend" stopped talking to me since last year,changed alot.I have that weird dirty guy to talke,because sometimes he is fun and normal,but sometimes unearable.
Grade-wise,I've always been a good student too.Me and my brother were the best in classe from 10 years old to 13.At 14 in new school we had trouble with math and chemistry (he is good at physics).Whe never really liked studying,we only studied a bit a day before the test in the other school,now we study a week before.
I'm not bullied or something like that,but people dont talk to me,because I was supposed to try to talk since I was new(Im shy,no way I starting a conversation),but some people say "hi" or something like that.I've always felt bad near girls,because when I compare our appearance I know that I'm in the wrong body,and feel manly.Friend-wise I always had male friends,because before puberty the guys from my other school talked about tv shows and toys and stuff I liked,and almost all girls were too girly.Now ate 15 most girls talk about what I like,since they are less girlysh then the ones from my others school,but of course there are boys who are not the typical dirty teenager XD.
Sorry for bad grammar,Im in a hurry

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