sábado, 16 de julho de 2016

Life worth living

There's this guy I "follow" on instagram that has such a perfect life. He lives in a big, global city, has a interesting job, busy social life, travels a lot, got lots of friends and seems to get along very well with his family. And take some pretty good pictures too. He's like the poster child for the perfect 30 something high middle class american guy, specially when he posts pictures of him growing up with his family. like something legit out of a sitcom.

It's not a bad envy, I don't hold anything against him, it just makes me wish I had that too. An interesting life that I could look back to when I'm older and feel proud and happy I got to experience those moments. I really doubt I'll ever get there, I'm almost settling for mediocre at best. I'm starting to become more obssessed with age, I'm always counting how long until I'm 30.

I needed to write this down to see if I'll stop thinking about it. I got third place at this competition at college, other than that nothing new to report.