sexta-feira, 29 de julho de 2011

I Came Out

This morning,I was thinking with myself "It's the end of the year already,and this was supposed to be the year were I would come out and start transitioning."
Thinking of that,I got the letter(my parents was looking for a remote control in my room and almost found it)put it on the table with a pink crocodile pin(the ones for food bags)so it would draw attention.I was not thinking at that point,I just did what I had too.
At school,I was anxious.Sometimes,I would think "I did it?I let the letter for them to read?am I dreaming?".
When I got in the car to go to lunch,my mother(who is a happy talkative person)was kinda sad and quiet,but still loving(asked about school,gave me a little massage on my hair,etc).
At the letter I wrote that my parents should wait until them both were at home,so she didn't said anything about(she is right next to me).I also said that I don't believe in God anymore in the letter,and now she asked if I pray before sleep in a very calm way.
I can't wait for tonight,maybe my parents will talk to me about it.My brother doesn't know that I did it.

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