sexta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2015

A bit of hope

 From what I've talked with my new dentist it seems the treatment will take about 2 years. I was expecting much longer than that, and for better results I can have a surgery, which will not only make my whole teeth condition better, but have a positive effect on my face.

 I still have lot's of other things to worry about, but at least it seems starting over with braces will not be as bad as I thought it would be. I'm a bit excited about it.

sexta-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2015


  Nothing new to report, I send I think two weeks on a new years vacation, this time in two different places. It was nice. I'm dreading the end of my summer vacation because it means college will start again, and this year I'll have to start interning. I'm almost confident I'll end up having a major breakdown at some point, I felt pretty close to one last year and now the stress of college+interning is probably going to be overwhelming.

  It's my penultimate year of college, I got very little extra-activity hours and that makes me nervous, I could have to delay my graduation just to get the minimal of those hours, which would suck. I feel my college years will be just like my high school years, thought at least this time I have a small group of acquaintances that are not creepy or weird like my "friend" in high school, but I still only speak with them, and we never meet outside college  or anything.

  I just wish I could be enjoying all the opportunities of being in college as a girl and confident with myself. I'm very scared about my teeth, I'm not taking care of them as a should and they should be in a good state for me to start braces(from scratch, after years, which I'm not excited at all). My hair is slightly pass shoulder length but super dry and falling a lot, and while my hair is still thick and full it's very visible how thin it is on the top of my head, if I part it in the middle it becomes extremelly visible, I'm almost sure I have some bald spots on it.

 Since I'm not leaving the house I'm not shaving to let my skin rest a bit, but I hate the feeling of hair on my face, and I hate the look of it too. It doesn't help that my mother compliments me for doing it, because she says I look good with it.

  All the same complaints in my last posts, nothing done about therapy, etc. I wish I didn't had to worry about all this, I'm also getting really caught up(could get in detail, but I guess I mentioned here that when I tell a story online I always feel compelled to add unnecessary information to avoid confusion, like this one here) with one of my recurring daydreaming life and I'm not sure if I'll ever get over that it will never happen.