terça-feira, 5 de julho de 2011

Looking for diet

So,im a pretty lazy person,do no exercise AT ALL.I had my chubby phase at 10 to 12 I guess,I was always thin and little before that.At 13 I got more height and lost weight,and now since I do no exercise I have a little belly(very little,only can see without shirt)and I my breasts are kinda prominent(again,very little,can see only without shirt).Im looking forward to start doing exercise(with this) and I want to know if there are diets that are good if you are in HRT.My goal is to lose some weight(Im not fat XD)because there is a big probability to gain it with hormones,and maybe go in a diet that help in the hormone part.
And,Im going to study now(Math,Biology and Chemistry).
Do you guys think that is a good idea to come out now?after this week,Im going to have 2 weeks of winter vacation(i lost this one because of recuperation tests).Maybe leave the letter while Im at school,but I dont know how it will be dealing directly with my parents for 2 weeks about it.

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