terça-feira, 19 de julho de 2011

That Guy

You know that guy I talked about,the one who is best friends of that girl(I want to be friends with them),that I talk with and anonymous formspring?I don't know if my feelings are a crush or something like that,sometimes I really wish to date him.He is good looking(in a cute/hot way,I wish I could put a photo of him here so you guys could know but I think is not fair with him,he have a natural body for a 15 years old),funny,polite,a little bit shy,have some similar views on dating(think is wrong to hook up with anyone you see),he is that type of cute friend(from what I see),he is not that type of guy that be friends with girl with others intentions,he is very sweet and respectful.Sometimes I wish that everybody could know how much of a great person he is.But still I think he deserve a better person,much more good looking than me(I'm not ugly,just my low self esteem,but I'm not gorgeous too).
Sorry for this,I just needed to rant

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