sexta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2011

Mother reaction is not getting better

Ok,so today after leaving the therapist's room and going to her reception area,my mother asked her if she didn't agree that I should cut my hair because is messy,then my therapist say that my mother should ask me why I don;'t want to cut my hair and said that we would talk next friday(may sound rude when I'm typing this but she was nice and polite).
My mother then asked me while whe were leaving,I said that is because I want long hair,she made it sound impossible to get long hair,but I could see at one point that she was quite sad,then while at the car she said that sometimes she feels like she is not living this,that I could be "happy" and everything.While it makes me sad,it makes me angry that she don't try to understand me,she thinks that I chose this to me and make herself as the victim in the hole thing.

quarta-feira, 19 de outubro de 2011

Female Clothing I will wear

I already said that I love nice looking and fitting casual clothing,but I do with to wear female clothing when full time,I'm currently obsessed with high waist skirt or pencil skirt with tops,I think those are gourgeous.Short dresses with panyhoe and boots too,like those in the pictures.I'm in love with this green skort too*-*

just wanted to share,bye^^


 My father wants me to keep at my current psychologist.I'm thinking of printing some theories about causes of transsexualism and show to her then,maybe say that I think it is kinda pointless to get to know where this start since if is biological or mental because it is all theory.
I feel kinda sad about that,I hope I can start hormones soon,no matter who is going to say that I can have them

sábado, 15 de outubro de 2011

On Therapy

So,now my therapist want me to "remember" what made me want to be a girl.I said that I really doesn't think that someone made me think like that.And she think that I need to know when this started to do the family session I was hoping for.I know now that in Brazil there is not right age for hormones and no right time to therapy before hormones,it depends on the therapist.
I will talk to my father to change to that therapist I have the number,she may be better to me

sexta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2011

Mom I Need to be A Girl

A lady that read one of my comments in a brazilian transblog(Diário de Giselle,made by Giselle Vuitton) and sent me the book "Mom I Need To Be A Girl",written by Just Evely.It is a book about  the truth story of  Danielle Lindenmuth and her transition at 15 years old to her SRC at 18.
Is pretty good,I can relate to a lot of it and I'm planning to show it to my family latter.I will use some quotes of it for the family session(I already wrote about hormones at young age to them.
I'm thinking of posting a picture at Laura's Playground,is pretty safe...