quarta-feira, 30 de novembro de 2011

New School

My school(I've been here since last year)have since kindergarden and second year of high school(here in Brazil we have 3 high school years)so I have to leave.This school have another building in other area of my city,but the teachers are not the same(only one teach in both)it's sad,I'm used to these teachers and this school,the one that I will go now have a cold feeling to it,the one I'm now have a more "family" feel to it.
I regret not trying to be friends with people,and regret not coming out before so I could enjoy these 2 years as myself and with the friends I wish I had...
At least I came out this year...
I have a new goal now,I'll post it later

ps:here in Brazil,school year start in february and ends in december