quinta-feira, 14 de julho de 2011

Thoughts and Searching

 It's being a while since I started thinking of this,of how different Mtf and FtM are,like,I know how is the feeling of hating your body and thinking that you should have been born in the other gender,but still is very hard to try to think of how is like to want to be a guy,or hating to be a girl.It's funny,because if is hard to me to understand,it must be really hard to cisgender people to get it too,and it's even worst because they don't have the feeling of wrong body.
Just a random thought.The Laura's Playground Forum is great,I'm reading a lot of topics about coming out and HRT,and made some of my own,even thinking of posting this one there,maybe
Trying to search for therapists in the beginning of this year I found a female therapist that doesn't answer my e-mails,only put the number of her clinic.I don't know if I should call her,but my brother is always at home.I'm triyng to ask to some FtM sites(in one of them I found this therapist) because they are brazilian and maybe know some professionals who work in Curitiba.

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  1. Your local gay and lesbian organizations should be able to help you contact a gender therapist or give you more precise information about resources in your city for transgender people. I say this because you can easily find or already know of such organizations (or a quick Google search would help you). They probably have some office were you can go and ask what you want, or call them on the phone. Or even if you can't they are very likely to have an email address and to answer your messages. Th therapist you're trying to contact might have changed her address or not be interested in working with you or MtFs in general or whatever, but LGBT organizations tend to be quite helpful, at least to point you in the right direction, even if they don't cater for trans people themselves.