sexta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2011

How Therapy Was

I had therapy today,started at 3:00pm and ended at 4:00 something.It was kinda awkward because I'm shy and never had any type of therapy.The therapist Is pretty nice,but she never had treated anyone with gender dysphoria.We talked about my childhood,turning into teen,friends,family,feelings with my body and sexuality.
She will talk with my family and my father said that she will send me to a specialist in gender,but I don't want to have to wait too much with therapy(I will say this to her next friday)

sábado, 6 de agosto de 2011

Didn't Start Therapy Yet

I'm going to try to e-mail a lgbt group that work in my city,maybe they can help me find a therapist in case my father take to long to find one

quarta-feira, 3 de agosto de 2011

My Mother's Fear

I kinda understand my mother denial about the fact that I'm transsexual.She is afraid that I will never get a decent job,that I will be made fun of all the time,that I will be alone for the rest of my life,ugly,fat,and she thinks that I will be super girly(when I said that will be easier to talk to people when I will feel better about me,she imitated a flamboyant and very girliysh girl)and today when we saw a pretty un-classy lady,with drag-like make up and very fake hair color,my brother said that she looked like a tranny,and my mother said something of me wanting to be transsexual.She believe that I will look like that,I hope I can explain to her that I will not change who I am,just my appearance.