quarta-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2013

New Year already

High School is over,and as you know,I'm very depressed about it,all the missed opportunities and the fact I'll still miss it.Like I said,I got into a university,but is a paid one.It's a great uni,but not the best,the best being free.I wanted to do a preparatory course,which would be the last year,only without grades,focusing on studying hard for the best college's SATs.

My mother say it would be a waste of a year,my father says I should try the first month out and then if I still wanted to,drop out and prepare for the SATs.There is still a chance of failing,one of my teachers said I'm still young,I can try out this year,and if I fail,do the SAT of the college I got into this year again and study there.

I want to try,but it won't be the same.It will not be the actual school year,many people that I got used to see,some since 2010,will not be there.Like I said,it's the same school,but in a different location.

I'm very depressed,I'll start classes on February 2,sadly,so my time to rest is almost over.I made no progress talking to that girl I want to be friends with,neither with talking about my feelings with my parents.Oh,and my father says he is still looking for a therapist,non GT,of course.