sexta-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2012

Update Time/Happy Christmas

                   FELIZ NATAL

When shopping three days in a row for Christmas.I'm feeling good,until I get to see my full body reflection on a mirror,that makes me feel like crap.I can daydream almost the whole day that I'm actually female and such,almost like an illusionary layer,but the minute I see myself,the truth comes out,I realize that I'm still male.

High school is officially over.Great,just threw 3 years that I was supposed to had great times and make friends for a life time in the thrash can.I want to do the third year again,but as preparation to get into the best college.The one I got is great,but is paid and not as good as the other one,which is free.My mother wants me to do the one I got in,she says a it would be a waste of waste of a year to do the year again,even though lots of students do that.

I keep throwing away my time daydreaming,mostly about crushes,being one of my teacher and the guy from since the first year of high school.I keep thinking to myself how to describe them,specially the guy my age,to people know he is indeed a amazing guy,smart,funny,down to earth,etc.Even I'd never show a picture of him or tell his name to online friends,because I think it would be mean.

I will travel for Christmas,to my father's siblings as usual.I wanted to stay at home.So,in advance,Happy Christmas to you all,my lovely readers.


domingo, 16 de dezembro de 2012

Siul a Run

I love celtic music,and to find out that my internet name,Siul,means "to walk" in irish was very cool,I thought it had no meaning.Here's my song then,hehe