terça-feira, 19 de julho de 2011

Thoughts,Very Random Thoughts

 Next week,school is back.If I could choose,I will be in my home without going out forever.It disgust me that everyone sees me as a guy and have no idea of my feelings of my body or that I like guys.I hate my body almost all the time,but I still believe if I get hormones fast enough I can "pass"(hate that word).
 I have no desire to talk to people,most of the time I have no desire to laugh.Still,I wish I had a group of friends.Since I was 7 I had a friend,he was my best friend(my brother's too)and I always imagine me as being the girl of the group,but still tomboyish.He stopped talking to us since last year and now thinks that other guys are his friends,but they only make fun of him.My parents talk all the time to cut my hair,because like I said before is thick and I let it messy all of the time.the bad part is that is not even long,but is not very short also.
 Some days I feel like I'm ready to come out and tell my parents everything,but the next day I feel that maybe another day,I feel stupid.Sometimes I think of making a blog in portuguese or just make a post in english and other in portuguese.

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  1. You'd be surprised that people who looked really masculine and started well after puberty end up actually passing. Some things like FFS help a lot there. So, well, of course it's better to start now with HRT or at least blocking your androgens. But even if for some reason you don't, really don't lose your hopes of passing.

  2. Hi Brenda,thanks for the comment
    The face for me is not the problem,even if is to so feminine,the biggest problem is the rest of the body.Is not feminine but still is not super manly,but it will be,and if Im going to be like my father there is no hope to pass