quarta-feira, 4 de maio de 2011

Nothing to say

So,since here in Brazil we cant choose the classes we want to take,I studied this afternoon for a physics test because my grade this bimonthly and a chemistry one in saturday morning...it sucks
Im not trying to say that I suck at this classes because Im trans,but I have almost zero motivation and Im really depressed,and Im trying hard to let the letter in a place that my parents can read when Im at school(they woke up with me and my brother and I and my dad give us a ride to school(then he go back to our house and then go to work),and my mother picks up there(she works almost all day too)so they have time to read it in the morning I guess,and I can wait to talk better when they both are home...but I dont know how lunch would be(my mother lunch with me before getting back to work,so I dont know)
This saturday I have that test,and my brother,mother and father are going to be home I guess,so maybe is a good idea to let the letter there and they all can read it.
My brother still think that I shouldnt come out,that I should wait when I get my own house and stuff,at least he is starting to accept it,and I think that he finally understood that I like man(he thought that I liked woman because I usually talk about that not all trans like man and stuff)

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