quinta-feira, 19 de maio de 2011


My hair(like I said before)is brown(a bit dark but it looks lighter in the sun and it have natural blond highlights because it was blond when I was younger)and it is lightly wavy and is thick,so it is a pain to let grow.It is short but with a tiara I can make it more feminine and cute.I think that my hair will get more wavy as it grows,and maybe will look like this:
I like it that way and I love the color of my hair,but I do like messy and natural straight hair,and I think a platinum blond like this(I love the cut too) would work for me,because I have a fair skin and green eyes(looking from a distance make them look hazel,because of my glasses and mix a bit with the color of my hair).I do like short hair,like the one of the platinum blond picture.
But like I said before,I like the color of my hair and maybe I keep it after go full time.
That's it for today,bye^^

2 comentários:

  1. Imagino o quanto vai ficar lindo o seu cabelo quando deixar crescer, boa sorte anjo

  2. Obrigada pelo comentario
    Eu gosto de cortes de cabelo curto mas as vezes bate aquela vontade de ter um cabelo bem longo XD