quarta-feira, 18 de maio de 2011

A little talk in the car

Tuesday my family and I were going to the mall to meet my uncle,his wife and son(they got to their home since yesterday-they live in another state-).My brother always do some jokes(not to be mean,just sibling thing)that I'm gay or wish to be a girl(that's why I thought he already knew)and he said that I wanted to be a drag and leave school(in our home) and after said that we should went to a nice restaurant so I could find a rich husband(in the car)and my father said that he should stop doing those jokes because we(my brother and I)are in a phase of trying things(maybe he think that we don't have a complete sexuality because we are young,maybe he thinks that my brother's jokes may influence my sexuality).
My brother then asked what would be the problem if I was gay(It really surprised me) and my father said that nobody gets happy with a gay son and my mother said that we are man(looks like for her man is a hetero man,gay are just gay)but she hinted that she would love me still,I guess.
Still with the coming out thing in my mind almost all the time,and the thoughts of how my life would be too.
See you next time^^

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  1. Interesting! Car journeys are so trickey because you can't run away!