quarta-feira, 4 de maio de 2011

Gay Talk

  That annoying guy from school that I talk(because he think Im his friend,and I feel kinda bad for him) to is kinda homophobic,no matter how many times I say that queer is offensive he still cal gay people like that,and often say he think it gross and that is unnatural,at least he say that he respect(?) gay people.
He told me that he dont know what to talk to a gay guy.I was like wtf,because he said "I cant talk about football and woman" but he doesnt even like football!and he sometimes try to talk about woman and sex with me,and I say I dont like to talk about that,but he sometimes tries to do it.It disgusting,because is very retarded looking and sometimes talk about woman like he is trying to prove me that he is "cool" I guess(because people make fun of him sometimes).
He is bearable,most of the time he is hella annoying,and is kinda homophobic...I have this problem,I have a hard time trying to say what I really think to people,I dont know why(ok I told him my point of view calmly and already told him that he is annoying sometimes)but in the same time I feel bad because he doesnt have friends
Just for the records,Im not bullied(my mother think that Im am and thats why Im depressed)because Im kinda androgynous in manners,and Im just quiet and shy,not weird :)
Sorry if I sound rude in this post

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