segunda-feira, 23 de maio de 2011

I don't blame society

Unlike some transexual girls out there I really don't think that my feelings have much to do with society.Of course,society says what is feminine and what is masculine and do have a lot of stereotypes around gender and sexuality,but a lot of transexuals(myself included)doesn't fit the stereotype of the "desired" gender,and sometimes act like the complete opposite of it,and still identify as the "desired" gender.I think that this more of a biological thing(it is still a theory)and I really believe that gender dysphoria is caused by biological "defects" or something like that,and not by "feeling like a feminine boy and wanting to be a girl because society says that girls should act like this",because everbody have their own way of being feminine or masculine.
That's it for today,finally wrote a post about this subject
Really doing hard to let a letter to my parents read before they go to work,and then I would wait to everybody be in the house so we could talk.But I have to be braver(this is really a word?).
Next Post:Dealing with my feminine traits
And btw,now when I search for "Trans in Distress" my blog is on the first page!Yay!

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