sexta-feira, 13 de maio de 2011

In english again

So,I didn't came out yet,still thinking the best way of do it.I really don't know how my parents will react and the rest of the family(I care about my aunt-mother side- and the woman who take care of me since I was a baby).One thing that made me happy was that my mother thought that it was ridiculous that a gay couple was expelled from the theater but at the same time think that being gay is not "natural" and don't like some gay friendly campaign that want to work with little kids...there is a lot going on right now in Brazil about Jair Bolsonaro,a homophobic politician,and the worst thing is that many people think he is right if you check videos about him in youtube,saying that it is okay to be gay,but not in public,that being gay is being promiscuous and that little children shouldn't be taught about gay people because it would make them gay and all this type of bullshit that really make my blood boil(ignorant comments about other things like atheism)
so thats it...can't come out now because my father is traveling for work

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