quarta-feira, 4 de maio de 2011

My Parents

About some years(about some time after puberty started) ago my parents started to notice that I am most of the time looking sad or something.And since last year I was even more depressed then before and sometimes they ask me if Im sad or if something happened,and my aunt told me in easter that I look sad and that she feels bad because she feels like she want to help but doesnt know what to do.Last year,because of my bad grades in Math,Physics and Chemistry(Devil's Triad lol)he asked me if there were something wrong in school but I coundnt say "I feel I should be a girl" or something like that...Yesterday they asked me again if I was sad or I was with problems in school...I feel good because this show that they are worried and they want to help me...maybe they will accept me,just dont know much about my brother,because sometimes he doesnt mind talking to me about my feelings but sometimes he says he doesnt want to talk about and is kinda rude...
That's it for today,wish my luck in those tests and see you tomorrow maybe^^

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