quinta-feira, 23 de junho de 2011

Talk in Second Life

 It was just about some minutes ago that I started to talk with a girl in Second Life,then I asked her if she was trans,and she was.We started to talk about the hormones,dating,my blog,the feelings,therapy,etc.It was a short conversation but I'm feeling so good after that,it was something that I wasn't waiting to happen.Talk to someone about your feelings is great,and if the person have the same feelings,is way better.She is offline now,can't wait to talk more with her.
Second Life is wonderful to me.My first account is a cat(it was a fox) and my second account is a girl,and I play with this most of the time.I really feel more confident in SL because people see me as a woman,but is not enough.I'm going to come out next week(no school this week,so it would be awkward to let my parents to read the letter while I'm home...

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