domingo, 5 de junho de 2011


So,I have a bit of facial hair and it bothers me that some started this year...
I used to have that "teen moustache" but now I shave(I can be 3 days without shaving,at least is not everyday),I started to shave the sideburn also and now my biggest problem are that side facial hair,next to the jaw line and neck,it is still very thin and people don't notice it much,but one side is getting a bit bigger.I'm going to buy a electric shaver(is that the name of it?)because I believe it much better then the normal one,and I started to thinking of using bleaching on it,so it maybe doesn't appear much.
I also started to show that I hate my beggining facial hair to my parents,and my hate of my body hair too,and compliment female clothing,trying to make them realize my feminine traits(?)

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  1. If your facial hair is thin and not too dense you can probably try waxing it. I did it a couple of times in my teens and it worked out fine. It took about 2 weeks before they started to grow back. That was a very pleasant feeling: being beard-free. ^^
    Now I have way too much hair and it's coarse and thick, so waxing hurts my skin terribly and only takes away a few hairs. So I can't do that anymore.

    Also, if you're really careful, and you use one of those electric epilators for your legs, you might attempt to use it on your face. That's against the recommendations (and the user's guide will probably say "not for use above the neck") but it's still a possibility if you don't have much hair there.

    Tweezing is not a good option... unless you're VERY patient. I spent a whole afternoon tweezing my face and the area I had covered was relatively small.

    I mentioned those options because they will really free you from your hairs for some time. Shaving, either with the electric machine or using razors is not that good an option. The hairs are always there, stubble grows back quickly. And you can always feel them at touch. And the skin looks "darkened" and plain wrong without foundation/concealer. Nowadays I mostly just shave, but I'm not happy with the results at all. But since I have so much coarse hair, until I can get laser/electrolysis, I'll probably have to keep on just shaving.

    So, my advice, don't waste your money buying an electric shaver... at least try some better options before. And bear in mind that starting HRT has some good effects on facial hair too. They probably won't disappear, but grow back slower and thinner. :)

  2. I dunno if they'll "realize your feminine traits" in the way you expect. My mum always associated it with "being gay". So every time I made a feminine remark or acted unmanly she started crying making me promise her that "I wasn't gay". :/ My parents are especially trans/homophobic. But even for other (more open-minded) people, having a trans son or daughter is not something they even consider. They usually think they could be "gay" or "lesbian". That's not something bad, but probably won't be of much help towards coming out as trans.

    But could as well be wrong. Not too long ago my mum said something like "you aren't truly trans... you have to be faking it. You're not like those girls who have been openly always trapped in a man's body because you showed no signs of homosexuality as a kid". (It's not literally what he said but she showed that she would have been more willing to believe my "true" trans-ness if I had been showing clearly homosexual behaviour as a kid.
    And the fact that I'm actually bisexual makes it even harder for her to understand me. :/

  3. Thanks for the comments
    Ive been thinking of waxing,but when I said that I could used instead of shaving my dad disagreed,maybe because my skin is sensitive or maybe because he think of it as a girl things.
    I read about a girl that started showing more feminine traits so when she came out it was not a big shock as it would be if they didn't at least thought of her as gay.But I never tried to act manly,and Im not super girlysh either,and I always compliment female clothes(Im almost all of the time with my mother when she is buying clothes or to go to the mall)and I always shown my hate of my body hair,so im pretty natural when showing my feminine traits.

  4. Well just dropped by in the face even in my case it was when I started using female hormones on their own, reducing my testtoterona.

    now facial hair and some were so thin that you can even clear out with tweezers, my friends have more facial hair than me, at least in this part I was lucky.


    Bom só diminuiu mesmo os pelos no rosto em meu caso, foi quando comecei usar hormonios femininos por conta própria, diminuindo minha testtoterona.

    agora os pelos no rosto ficaram tão finos e alguns claros que dá até para tirar com uma pinça, minhas amigas tem mais pelos no rosto que eu, pelo menos nesta parte eu tive sorte.

  5. Espero ter a mesma sorte,e espero um efeito forte nos pelos do corpo tambem(tenho bastante)e a tendencia(caso nao comece a usar os bloqueadores de testosterona e os hormonios)eh so piorar
    Obrigada pelo comentario^^