sábado, 4 de junho de 2011

List of possible names

Ok,so I decided to make a post about the names that I like to myself after talking to Brenda^^:
-Betina(my name if I were born as a girl,and my main option)
-Elizabeth(I had a really nice teacher with this name,and I like it)
My first name is the name of my grandfather(mother side) and my second name is the second name of my other grandfather(is a greek name and I like it)so I don't know about changing it,because people usually doesn't know how to say it right or how to write it,and I always like it,but is a male name still...I already thought that I could use my grandmothers name(they had the same name XD)but I don't think that my family would react nicely to that.
I don't know if I should post my male name here(Maybe some of you already figured it out )

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  1. Obrigada^^provavelmente vou escolher Betina,se minha mae não se incomodar