segunda-feira, 27 de junho de 2011

I wore female pants

I was going out with my father and my brother this last Friday,and I made a joke saying that I was going to wear my mother's grayish/purple velvet pants.She laughted a bit but she said "I think it may fit you..."and I tried it on,and it looked good(not too tight but not baggy).I wore a a pale pink long sleeve t-shirt,a steel blue all star sneakers(with ligh blue shoelace) and a fern green hoodie.Now the pants are mine,and I'm planning on using them again.
Changing subject,my father asked me again why I'm so depressed and sad almost all the time,and I still can't answer that.The fact that my parents ask me this may be a good sign,but still don't know how they reaction will be.This is the last week before winter vacation,so I don't know if I should wait the vacation to end or come out this week,and I really want it.

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