quarta-feira, 1 de junho de 2011

The Meaning of My Nickanme

I use Siul as some of my internet accounts(the female ones) and I found out that siúl in old irish is "walks","ability to walk" Pretty cool :D

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  1. To me, it sounds weird! (but nice).
    Anyway you probably could use your real (first) female name... unless it's pretty unique, you're probably safe that nobody will identify you.

  2. I think it is cool because I thought it was meaningless,and yes it is weird^^
    I really don't like the female version of my name(is pretty common,but I´'m not a big fan)and I'm thinking of using the name that my mother said that her daughter would have,and I really like it,I don't know many people with that name but is not weird(Betina)
    Yeah I've been thinkink of changing my nickname to something better^^

  3. That sounds nice! :) Of of course when I said "your real name" I didn't imply "the feminine version of the name given to you at birth" but rather what you consider it to be. I thought you were already quite certain about it...

    When I was about 7 I asked my mum what she would have called me if I was born a girl. Sadly I don't remember what she answered, so I had to pick my own name. I felt sad about it at the time, but given the situation with my parents I couldn't ask again in my teens. And now even if I knew that, I wouldn't change Brenda for anything, because I ❤LOVE❤ my name and it's already part of my identity. But I think that I could let my mum pick my middle name if she ever comes to accept me as her daughter. That would be nice indeed! ^^

  4. Oh,no I get it^^
    Im still not sure about it because I don't know if my mother will like that I use the name she wanted,I have some names in my list,and some use the first letter of my name and some are just the ones I like,maybe I post the list sometime.It would be nice if your mother did that,it would be a great way to show that she accepts you^^
    But Betina is was always my favorite one,because that girl in my dreams and that I thought I should be had a name that it would be realistic.