domingo, 5 de junho de 2011

My Coming Out Letter

So,I'm going to post my coming out letter here:
 "The reason why I'm so depressed it is more complicated then you thought(or maybe you did).
Since I was young I felt that there were something different about me,because I always imagined myself different from what I was and still am.When I look in the mirror I see something different,it should be a girl(I have Gender Identity Disorder,I'm transsexual).I always identified myself with girls ou female characters,I even waited to see on the news that some girls were born physically male,and that I had it;I would pray before spleep(when I believed in God) to wake up as a girl in the next morning,but it never happened.I started to think that I was gay and that was normal to want to be a girl,and tried to contend myself with being a girl in my imagination,but when puberty came I realized that it wasn't enough,because my body would change and it would become much more distant of what it should be.The voice bothers me,and even pretending that I hated when people thought that I was a girl on the phone before,I always liked it.I believe that you guys must have some misconceptions about what is a transexual and how it works,so I printed those 2 pages about it,and I hope it would answer some of your questions about it.
 I wrote this letter because I didn't know how to start this conversation.I even wrote a e-mail before but I think it was to impersonal.Remember that I still am and going to be the same person,but with the treatment I'm going to be myself,but more confident and happier then now,and also remember that I love you guys and I hope you love me besides everything like you always shown me."
 Then I put the name and phone of and therapist that is on a list of therapists that I found that work with transexual in my city.In Portuguese more words have gender if compared to English,so I avoided words with gender as I could,but the ones with it I used male to not sound weird to my parents.
So,this is my coming out letter,I just hope that I will be able to let it in someplace that they can read...
ps:sorry for any bad grammar,it is a bit hard to me to translate texts from portuguese to english^^

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  1. Sounds like a good letter. I wrote a letter to my parents also, so I could say exactly what I wanted and so they'd have time to digest it, as opposed to a conversation. Hopefully it will get things moving as far as talking about it and getting you some help. This ought to answer some of the questions they've had about why you've been sad... hopefully they love their child unconditionally and will help.

    I hope things go as well as they can for you. :)

  2. Hi,thanks for the comment^^
    Yes,with a letter they have more time to get used to the idea and then talk when they are ready,and I will not have so much problem or shyness to say what I feel because they will read it already,and maybe will remember some things that I don't.

  3. Exactly. You've got a better handle on this than many 40 and 50-year olds I know!

  4. Thanks^^
    Im trying my best to let the letter to them at this week,I hope
    and thanks for the comments^^

  5. Lots of luck with this! =)
    It does look good. And having written the letter is already a step forward. Even if you haven't been able to give it to them yet.

  6. Yes I felt so much better after writing it(it was a month or two ago)and I really liked how it is,I just want to get courage to send it