sexta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2011

Mom I Need to be A Girl

A lady that read one of my comments in a brazilian transblog(Diário de Giselle,made by Giselle Vuitton) and sent me the book "Mom I Need To Be A Girl",written by Just Evely.It is a book about  the truth story of  Danielle Lindenmuth and her transition at 15 years old to her SRC at 18.
Is pretty good,I can relate to a lot of it and I'm planning to show it to my family latter.I will use some quotes of it for the family session(I already wrote about hormones at young age to them.
I'm thinking of posting a picture at Laura's Playground,is pretty safe...

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  1. Hi! :)
    I read that book a while back and really liked it. I also related a lot to what it says. Unfortunately it made me think "if her mom was so nice to her, my parents might also be like that". And then I decided to come out to them. And well, it didn't go even remotely like in Evelyn's book. :/

    I guess Danielle's story is like every transgirl's dream! :)

  2. Yes it is a dream,I got myself wanting that my mom got worried like that,my mom does is worried but she wants me to stay as a boy,but at least my dad said that if the therapist does confirm that I am transsexual then he will support it.
    I will have therapy this monday,I will print the quotes and talk about the family session,I hope that after that my mother will read the book^^

  3. Saudades de suas postagens, se cuide anjo.