quarta-feira, 19 de outubro de 2011


 My father wants me to keep at my current psychologist.I'm thinking of printing some theories about causes of transsexualism and show to her then,maybe say that I think it is kinda pointless to get to know where this start since if is biological or mental because it is all theory.
I feel kinda sad about that,I hope I can start hormones soon,no matter who is going to say that I can have them

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  1. Trying to argue with your therapist about the theories about what causes a transgender identity might not be the best idea. It's very unlikely that they will change their mind, no matter what you show them. In any case you can try to underline the importance of starting transition for you, regardless of what "made" you this way.
    Some professionals will be very upset if you try to discredit their theories, and that will certainly not help you to start hrt faster.

  2. Yes I will print some information about theories and show to her,hope everything will be okay