sexta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2011

Mother reaction is not getting better

Ok,so today after leaving the therapist's room and going to her reception area,my mother asked her if she didn't agree that I should cut my hair because is messy,then my therapist say that my mother should ask me why I don;'t want to cut my hair and said that we would talk next friday(may sound rude when I'm typing this but she was nice and polite).
My mother then asked me while whe were leaving,I said that is because I want long hair,she made it sound impossible to get long hair,but I could see at one point that she was quite sad,then while at the car she said that sometimes she feels like she is not living this,that I could be "happy" and everything.While it makes me sad,it makes me angry that she don't try to understand me,she thinks that I chose this to me and make herself as the victim in the hole thing.

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  1. Dear, you've just come out to them very recently. It's pretty natural that they will be confused for a while and cry and think that this "can't happen to them or their child". It will probably go away when they start getting used to it and also see that most of their fears aren't true.
    All in all (at least from what you write in the blog) I'd say that your parents reaction is very good and positive. It could always be better, but really, comparing with many others I think they've been pretty open and trying to help you (even if they are still angry, confused, fearful, etc).

    Really, just think that it might not be that your mother doesn't try to understand you, but rather that she just doesn't understand you (yet).