sábado, 15 de outubro de 2011

On Therapy

So,now my therapist want me to "remember" what made me want to be a girl.I said that I really doesn't think that someone made me think like that.And she think that I need to know when this started to do the family session I was hoping for.I know now that in Brazil there is not right age for hormones and no right time to therapy before hormones,it depends on the therapist.
I will talk to my father to change to that therapist I have the number,she may be better to me

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  1. Some therapists are really stubborn, even when they really want to help. They have a certain theory on what "makes" you trans and why this happens and they just can't accept the fact that (at least sometimes) it doesn't work like that.
    I can relate because my own therapist is much like that. I still see him because I have some other psychiatric issues and problems with my parents that he helped me resolve, but when it comes to my gender identity, he's much like what you tell about yours.

    I guess the best thing you can do is, as you say (and especially if you have an understanding father), go see someone else.

    The only other choice would be trying to "play by their rules" with the therapist and try to fit their theories so they get you faster on HRT.

    But then again, if your therapists take much time you might be able to get an endocrinologist or general practitioner to give you hormones. It's not right as per the SoC, but at least here in Argentina (and I guess Brazil is more or less the same) it's no that hard to find someone willing to help who doesn't care that much about "the rules". I was self-medicating until I had to stop a few months ago, but some of my trans friends were getting hormones with a prescription even without (or before) seeing a therapist.

  2. Yes,she is nice but it's annoying that she thinks that something made me transsexual.I'm thinking of sending some theories on how people "become" transsexual,but still will talk to my father to try the other one,I hope she can help me^^