domingo, 12 de fevereiro de 2012

Maybe not so "Yayness"

 Yesterday I went out with my family to cut my hair.They ask me WHY would I want to get my hair long,like they pretend I never send a letter explaining more then just that.I'm supposed to cut my hair with the same guy,to cut only the points so it not become bad or messy,but I don't know how my hair will grow like that,he cuts too much.
After coming out,going out with my family always end up with some comment about me looking sad and awkward most of the time,and with my mother saying there is nothing wrong with me.

 My father then said that I look worst then before coming out,and that he is looking for therapists.That's the problem,I gave him information about a GT with number,location and everything and he agreed,but now he said that he is looking for therapists.It is akwkard to talk about this with my father but I hope he does get an apoitment with the GT I want.

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