segunda-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2012

First Day on New School

 Today was the first day at my new school(same school since 1st year of high school,but in a different location,all but 3 teachers are different from the last two years).I got a really bad stomach ache but I was fine.The class is huge and cold,there are no windows and the school is downtown,so it is all closed and there is no green,it kinda makes me feel trapped.There were a lot of people from last year but all with their friends,so I sitted next to my brother and that guy I talk to sometimes.Almost 3 months of vacation made this day really tiring.This year I have classes on saturday and have to study hard for Vestibular(
I will wait a little to ask my father about therapy,I know it is going to be tuff to have therapy and having to study everyday but I want it so bad.

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