quarta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2012

Annoying Comments and Fun

 It's been quite a bother to have to listen to my mother's comment.I talked just about some minutes about seeing our dermatologist because my hair is falling pretty bad and is very thin in the front,she said that its like that because I "worry too much about stupid things" and that live is short and I'm losing time.I don't think she read my coming out letter at all,she makes no effort to understand and every time she says things like that is like a stab.I never answer,she doesn't accept it,if I try to talk maybe it only gets worse.I think is funny how even my dad still wants me to cut my hair short and doesn't know why I feel embarrassed to be on the pool(okay,I'm slightly over my ideal weight,but is not my main problem).I just want to start therapy soon,he said he only needs to talk with my old therapist before changing,but no answer still(he is traveling a lot,he friend passed away these days,so I'm not asking anything to not be annoying).
 This is my last month of vacation,and my time wasting is go to Bradley Cooper News on Facebook or watch videos with him,my first real celebrity crush.It kills me that I can't post a comment there,I don't want to be seen as gay,to have to explain everything now...
Just needed to right this down

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