terça-feira, 12 de abril de 2011

Talking with my brother and Movies to Watch

Yesterday my brother(he is my identical twin) and I started to talk about my feelings as transexual,and I'm kinda happy with the talk we had,because it seems now that he is accepting the fact that i have this feelings with my self,and we talked a lot if compared with the first attempt.He still don't understand it and still don't want to read about it or see movies about it(i wish I had Girl Like Me and Red Without Blue with portuguese subtitles).He told me that he didn't mind if i go through transition,but he fears for our family if i came out now with 15.He fears that our parentes wouldn't allow it or something like that...
The movie I really want to show to my family is Red Without Blue because is the story of identical twins and one of them is transexual,is a really beautiful movie.watch here
Gwen Araujo Story is pretty touching movie too,it worth watching:
-Girl Like Me:Gwen Araujo Story:Here is Part 1,you can find the others in the sugestion bar
-There is also a Law and Order:SVU(I love this series) episode(Fallacy)about a transexual woman,is pretty touching ans sad too(episodes with portuguese subs if you are brazilian like me):Part 1 you can find the others in the sugestion bar
That's it,if you liked those movies/episode comment,and if you know another good transexual movie or tv episode feel free to tell^^
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