sexta-feira, 22 de abril de 2011


I didn't came out in the "perfect day" because I don't want to ruin my family's easter somehow(I'm atheist,my family is catholic and I don't mind celebrating easter and christmas,but it have a different meaning for me and for my family,but they don't know it)
So I'm thinking of coming out next week,I think about it all the time,I try to show myself that if I wait to long I will never pass,that I will lose my not-so-masculine appearence,lose my youth and don't have the friends I want(a guy and a girl from my school,they are very nice and fun,I wish I could be their friend,but I feel so shy.I made a anonymous formspring account to know them better,and I want to talk to them so hard.They are very good-looking,fun and friendly)I imagined how I would start to talk to them in the beggining of last year,when I changed to their school.
Ah,I just want to be me,and hurry.But the fear is too big...

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  1. I many regards I think you're right. Delaying the start of medical treatment is not a wise choice at this point (although a week or a month more doesn't make much of a difference). Whether that implies coming out to your parents or seeking other alternatives, only you can answer.

    I'm currently 22 and never came out to my parents (still living with them and "off them"). I have other issues in my life that complicate things a bit and anyway I'm sadly already after puberty so timing isn't such a big deal anymore. But I started taking spiro on my own (without prescription, that is) about a year ago. It has helped a bit, although I think it doesn't compare to a fully fledged HRT. Meanwhile I do see a therapist and he knows what I'm doing (so I'm not doing it all alone). I don't regret having started "on my own" and I really urge nyone to consider it (if other alternatives fail, that is). In Argentina, where I'm from, I've never had issues with purchasing the meds without prescription (and I believe Brazil isn't too different in this regards). I could actually start on estrogen, too, but I'm a bit fearful about doing it blindly and without a doctor's supervision. But who knows... probably I'll take the plunge soon.

    I wish you all the best, hope that your coming out won't have to wait too long and that you'll have all the support from your parents that you deserve and that all of us should have had.

    Keep us posted on how it goes!


    Bren from Argentina

  2. Hi Brenda^^
    I thought about starting spiro alone before coming out but I don't feel that it would be good,it may be better tell them before doing something,because I'm 15 but im not very independent,so I don't know how I would get to do it without them,I'm still trying to choose the best option
    I planned to come out in the end of last year or in the beginning of this year,is almost in midyear so I better hurry up,because my body hair is growing even more(I have quite a lot)...but anyway,thanks for the nice words^^