quarta-feira, 13 de abril de 2011

Didn't Came Out :(

I know that it sucks,but in tuesday i got sick and i didn't went to school,so i couldn't let the letter in a place that my parents would find,and today I forgot to do it...I'm going to give them the letter tomorrow i hope...I'm very depressed(started last year,when I changed to a new and bigger school),i feel so wrong in my body,it was always in my mind that i should be a girl but last year was that time where i couldn't handle it anymore...i'm having a hard time trying to have friends cuz i feel stupid in the way i look(i just talk to people when they talk to me)at least people just think im shy,and since im kinda androgynous in my manners people dont think i'm gay or trans,and i don't get bullied.But the only person who think is my friend is a weird and annoying guy,and i cant tell him that i dont want to be his friend cuz i feel a bit bad for him,but i try to ignore him when he start to get retarded.
I think that it is all for today,i hope i can come out tomorrow and start therapy and hormones as soon as i can,cuz im starting to feel that my beard is growing in the side(not too much,very little but i can see it,mostly because i dont want it)

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  1. Oh no, not the beard! I hope you are able to stop that from coming in. Electrolysis is the only way to permanently get rid of it, and wow does it hurt!

    I wish you the best of luck once again. I hope everything goes splendidly. :)