domingo, 10 de abril de 2011

My Story

Since I was a little boy,i realized that were something wrong(because i knew i was a boy,if someone asked me I would answer that I was a boy,but i knew that it was something wrong).The toys I liked to play with were the ones wich both boys and girls could play(stuffed animals,plastic people animals,figures of television and movies,dinosaurs)I played with dolls once and I didn't find that fun,but I secretly wanted to have ponies and a barbie.I never wanted super girly clothes(but didn't like very masculine ones,but  now,sometimes o do think of  dressing more feminine and wearing make up in special occasions),nor a girly bedroom,girly backpack and make up.
Every night I would pray to wake up as a girl in the next morning,or wait to see in the news that some girls were born as boys,and only needed to take some pills to be a girl(I didn't knew about hrt back then).Time passed and I started to think that I was gay and that it was normal to having that feeling of wanting to be a girl,and before sleep or in anytime of the day i would imagine how my day and life would be like as a girl.
Puberty came,and I became more depressed(I was a happy kid) and more shy.I never had problems with my genitalia,I never hated it,but i started to hate my body,now with hair growing,larger hand and feet and a more masculine shape,it was my worst nightmare coming true.
Transexual stories in the internet or tv caught my attention,and i started to search about coming out and about other tgirls in the middle of 2010.I found some great websites,like  and . I found some great youtube channels too(they are in the end of the page)
who really helped me understanding more about it,and giving me hope,and i realized that i could do that to,that i could be myself.I started to thinking about coming out and i still didn't,but I'm planning on sending a letter to my parents in this Monday.If i do it,I'm going to post about coming out.
Sorry for three posts in the same day^^

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  1. I wish you the best of luck. I hope your parents will be supportive and understanding. Mine weren't (and aren't), but wow, what a difference my life would be like if they were. Please keep us posted.

  2. Hi Amy,thanks for following my blog and for the kind words^^
    I really don't know how my parents will react,they are that type of people that respect and are against homophobia,but they thing is kinda weird being gay or trans.

  3. I do hope your parents are supportive. you have a nice role model that you can follow in Lea T. She is a famous Brazilian Fashion Model who just came out to the world last year. Her story may help you come out to your parents. Best of luck to you