sábado, 12 de maio de 2018

I live

Haven't posted since July 2017, that's a new record for me. Things haven't really changed, if I were to put any effort in this post it would be just a repetition of the last few ones. I know because I just re-read my blog from the start, I haven't updated in ages and have been feeling nostalgic about my shitty teenage years so that happened.

My heart breaks for the girl I used to be, that naive girl with shitty english and writing that still had hope for the future and really thought her life was going to get better, her family would accept her, she'd get hot and live the life she wanted to live. I'm a thing. It's so depressing to see that girl lose hope post after post until she becomes what I am today. Not a girl anymore, not even a person really. A thing that happens to look like a person. I'm so sorry that our worst nightmare and all of our predictions for the future came true.

My plan of doing nothing with my life until I kill myself at my late 20s still stands, only I feel like I'll have to make it clear to my parents so they'll stop pestering about me getting a life. They'll probably never understand how they caused all of this, they thought I'd be a lost cause if I transitioned but look at me now.

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