segunda-feira, 13 de abril de 2015


  I feel tired and disgusting all the time, I don't see the point of trying to keep going. The bad feelings outweigh the good ones, I feel good for a few minutes only to few like crap for days. I'll never look like I want, I'll not have a fun job, a nice group of friends and a significant other. I know I'll never get satisfying results with HRT, the things I hate the most about myself will never change because of it, and there's no surgery to fix them. My hair keeps falling, I'll probably have old man hair in a few years. My skin looks disgusting, the dry patches keep growing and will probably take over my body, and not only that I'll age very badly since my skin is so dry.

  I don't know why I keep posting these. Today we had to do the simplest thing in class and I struggled to do it. It's always like this, I start panicking and won't calm down to try to understand it.

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