quarta-feira, 21 de novembro de 2012

I am done

I was forced to get a haircut yesterday.As I went back to my house,my father started to yell saying that it was enough,that if I wanted to cut my dick off it was okay,that he is not going to intrude my life anymore.All because according to him my hair was the same,and that I asked to the hairdresser to not cut much.

My mother came home,and then they started the speech.That I'm too shy to be transgender,that a surgery will not solve my problems,that if I keep like this I'll have no money or job.And just to finish it,said that I should get blessed by a priest or something,just to see if it works.

Really,they pretty much told me they didnt paid attention to what I wrote,that I'm a liar.

I am done with this,all I want is to stay on my bed every single day,avoid the mirror,not to see my body getting more and more deformed...I just wish I could be happy and normal.

3 comentários:

  1. I am sure this would have happened to me if I were to have told my parents when I was your age. I almost did!

    If you haven't already can you get them to let you see a gender specialist doctor or psychologist?



  2. My father said he is looking for a psychologist,but is more then a year,he says he is trying to find one who is not very expensive.Not GT,sadly.I actually found a great GT online,but my father think she would be biased.I already did therapy with a non GT last year for some months,but she had the idea that being trans means I had some experience early in childhood that made me like this,which I disagree.

    I hope the next non GT is better.One of my teachers is a psychologist,but if I do this year again it would be awkward to have class and be a patient.

  3. I kept things from my parents from when I was younger than you until recently, about 30 years. Even though when I told my parents the reaction I got was that they wish I'd told them when I was young so it could have been dealt with I know that it would have been even harder then and that I doubt they would have been as understanding and supportive.

    I do think that you need to find someone that has some experience of gender issues as they are more likely to be able to help you work through things than someone than someone that doesn't have any experience.

    As for the haircut, well hair does grow so you can always grow it out. Besides there are always some nice shorter hairstyles that women have, its a case of finding a shorter feminine style that works for you.