terça-feira, 28 de maio de 2013

Updates :(

My favorite trans vlogger Jesslyngirl87 closed her youtube account today,her videos gave me so much inspiration. I saw a lot of account with just a goodbye videos when I first started to watch vlogs,the girls end this chapter of their lives to start a new one,I admire that. I feel sad for her to leave the vlogs,she will make a new channel for her music,but I'm also happy that she's happy and living her life the way she wants to,as herself.

Now,about my personal life,is sucky. I'm trying to get the courage to talk about my parents again. I'm turning 18 this year,and my father said something along the lines of "study hard,get a job and then you can do anything you like"...I mean,I want their support,and their help. If I am to pay everything for myself,I would not start treatment soon,laser will be too expensive...

I'm in college now,I was supposed to have fun,and it's sucks that there are times I think that everything would be better if only I were a girl,physically.

4 comentários:

  1. Qual é o novo canal dela?
    Andei procurando e não acho nada mais sobre ela :x

  2. Oi,acho que ela nao fez o canal novo,mas ela ja esta postando algumas musicas na pagina do facebook da banda dela.


  3. qual é o link da página??
    ela foi o primeiro vídeo que eu vi e tals... achei incrivel.. eu via os vlogs dela por bastante tempoo

  4. o nome da banda é rogue arsenal,acho que não deve ser difícil de achar.

    Se você não me achar me manda uma mensagem por e-mail,daí eu mando o link